What is it about change that most worries serious Americans?
— Is it their lack of control?
— Is it the possibility of an undesirable
— Is it the unintended consequences that
    frequently spring from change?

The answer is much simpler than that:
Serious Americans are most concerned about having no voice.

They’re concerned that changes affecting them personally or professionally — in laws and regulations, in the business climate and the competitive environment, in civil society and social networks — will take place while they're shut out of the conversation.

PR0active Solutions is a small, no — gimmicks communications firm that exists to help serious people — corporate and industry executives, philanthropists, academics, think tank experts, and citizen activists — affect change by participating in the American dialogue.

PR0active Solutions promises that our clients will have a voice on matters that are important to them. That's our definition of success — and we consistently deliver results.

Affecting Change: That’s PR0active Solutions’ business.
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